Friday, 17 December 2010

Indian Reservations

  1. I've said some crazy things in my time but this one,oh wow: "We'll ride across India to the Ocean,then all the way back and up the coast to Goa again" Easy to say.Just like fifteen hundred miles doesn't look much, on paper. Whichever way you say or write 125cc though, it's damn small and that is the approximate size of the bikes we're using. However this will be my 3rd time riding little Indian bikes (see Blog 2009) and I know you can't go particularly fast anyway. Probably only gonna average a few mph less than India's only bigger bike,the Enfield Bullet. Evocative as they undoubtedly are, I sometimes feel image wins over practicality. The route is subject to change and will likely miss Bangalore (BIG City) the primary aim to see lots of temples,ride through the many National Parks/Forests,take the steam train to Ooty Hill-station and a boat trip in the backwaters of Kerala. Or spend 2 days fixing a puncture in Dust Valley...             Trepidations abound, but the Old Man on a Bike did South America on a CG125 and these guys rode their Pre-WW1 motorsickles across the U.S. Further fascinating tales of discovering bikes and people Stateside from this guy here in Nottingham who imports 70s Kawasakis from the USA .An absolute Kawasaki NUT and triples in particular.Yes, the loon machine from the early 70s the H2, a 3 cylinder 750cc 2 stroke ticket to the afterlife.Witness the overwhelming amount of stuff in his museum,not just bikes, merchandise (Kawasaki Soda,anyone?), toys,rogues gallery of engine destructions and sectioned motors from training schools.On the site there's also the deafening 7 cylinder engine on a stand I saw demo'd at Stafford years ago. Together with dreadlocked 'zombie' dummy sat on a triple that bobbed up & down ,what with the noise,smoke and lightshow I rate it up there with many gigs I've been to!