Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Moonshine Down On Me

My neighbour brings me a liquid present back from Slovakia - made by his father.He pours it on the table and ignites it,it burns with a vivid blue flame: and then we drink it.
Half nine in the morning,eyes blurred, but ears receiving -noises downstairs.. There's intruders in my house! After a tirade as blue as the flame my mates inform me the door was unlocked and it was MY idea to go watch Twinshock Motocross anyway. Off we head to Polesworth near Tamworth for one of the rounds of the National series. Dry weather,grand track (a little stony) good racing and best of all bikes of our era.Mostly Jap, a few Euro and some evolution monoshocks.My faves the 125s have plenty of Suzukis to keep me happy.Mark is amazed that these gladiators of speed once helmetless prove to be bald or grizzled 40 + like ourselves.Dave is made up to meet a former childhood mate racing a Husky/Honda 500.Gestures are exchanged as he rounds "our" corner and he nearly loses it on the exit! A great day by a top club and no MX snobbery encountered whatsoever.Maybe next year I'll be more than a spectator..